Best Payback Slots: Where The Easy Money Is

As a team of dedicated gamblers who simply can’t get enough of superhero slot machines and slot machines in general, we have come across a wide range of styles, themes and games in our time and have been fortunate with many, and not so fortunate with many others. The good thing about slot machines — if you want to see it as a good thing — is that if you lose all of your early play then you still want to stick it out, because only by doing so and by playing for long enough can you truly understand and appreciate the game, its bonus rounds and everything else. And if you win in the early rounds then that is enough to spur you on and make you want to continue to play so that you can win even more money.

This means that all of the games that we have all played have been properly tested and have had a fair amount of money won and lost on them. It is because of this that we feel confident in listing the best payback slots out there, the ones that seem to give endless wins and the ones where a bonus round, some free spins, a wild or even just a standard win is always just around the corner.

All Slots

Some of our favorite games include the Chain Reactors series, which offers a unique spin on the slot machine genre. This game is available everywhere, in fact we have yet to find a good online casino that does not have at least one of its many variants. The games in this series include Chain Reactors, Chain Reactors Super Trails and Chain Reactors 100. We feel that this game gets a bad rep as there are many small winning lines that often don’t even add up to a free spin’s worth of coins, but trust us when we say that if you stick at it, this game has plenty of payback potential. There are two collectables and when you have collected enough of each of them they give you a bonus. There is also a bonus round. Not to mention some incredibly valuable symbols which can give you a huge reward with a single spin, and a Progressive Jackpot that differs with the site that you play it on, but has been known to touch $100k in some places.

The Ghostbusters game is also a rewarding title. This is an old and much loved film franchise, but the slot machine is fairly new. It isn’t a micro slot and the lowest spin costs $0.50, but the payback is huge, so much so that when we first played on it (just after its release) we thought there was a glitch and didn’t want to stop. We played it again and again with similar success. It is also very fun.

The South Park slot is also very new. This slot doesn’t throw up a lot of small winning lines like many other slot machines do, but it has loads of hidden bonus rounds. There are four main bonus rounds, all with big rewards available, and there are also three rounds that are activated sporadically throughout the game, including rounds feathering Terrence and Philip, Mr Hanky and Cartman, the last of which is by far the best but also the rarest.

The KISS slot machine, named after and based on the famous rock band, is a new breed of slot, with two separate boxes and many different reels and lines. Wins here usually mean something, and very rarely will you get the pointless “wins” that barely cover a tenth of your bet. The bonus round is also very fun and thanks to the huge reels and the many bonus symbols that can cover these, it just takes one spin for you to net a small fortune.

Some of the best games any of us have played in a long time came when we decided to splash out at the Paddy Power website, a bookmakers that began in Ireland but quickly spread across the European continent and is now one of the biggest and most respected bookies in the world. As a sign of their growing dominance, they have a wide selection of exclusive games available, many of which match the theme of the moment. During the World Cup, for instance, they had the Fan-atics slot machine game, which is a great deal of fun and which all of us managed to earn a nice profit from. The game has random bonuses that show up quite frequently and it also has a special Free Spins round where all wins are multiplied and where the random bonuses are also still active, which means that if you combine the two (which seems to happen frequently) then the winnings can be astronomical.

Best Superhero Slots

One of the best games that any of us have played, in terms of graphics, enjoyability and winning potential, is the Super Team game, which we recently reviewed in full (

The winning potential is huge here and the bonus rounds are endless. The PlayTech games developed by Marvel are also well worth playing and have plenty of payback potential. The Progressive Jackpot that is available in all of these games is a nice touch and gives you a surprise bonus regardless of your bet size, and many of these games also have more than one bonus round.

Unfortunately the same can not be said for a number of the DC games, including the Batman game. It is nicely designed, but it doesn’t matter how pretty a game looks, if you don’t win then it can become very ugly very fast. The Hellboy game is similarly uneventful, and there are far better options out there for slot machine fanatics who are hoping for a return.