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Comic Book Sites

If you’re a big fan of the comic book genres then you probably already have a log list of sites that you enjoy reading regarding your favorite medium, but these are our favorites sites, along with sites that are relevant to the sort of content that we produce.


  • Archie Comics – Archie is one of the most recognizable comic characters in the United States. Archie’s universe is several decades old and the man himself has even featured in The Simpsons, which is always a sign that you have reached the highest heights.
  • Dark Horse Comics – Although not as big as Marvel and DC, Dark Horse Comics is quickly growing and could soon be up there with these two behemoths of the comic book world. Dark Horse Comics publish the Hellboy series among others, a series that has been turned into a couple of films and has also featured as a video game
  • DC Comics – DC are one of the big two comic book publishers, one of the most widely recognized names in the world of publishing and the oldest comic book publishers still producing material to this day. The DC universe is home to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, along with a wide assortment of other superheroes that regularly feature on our TV and cinema screens.
  • Dynamite Entertainment – Dynamite are the developers of a vast number of licensed gaming products and are one of the biggest developers of their kind. They are the name behind The Six Million Dollar Man, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers and more, specializing in the classic sci-fi genres that are still enjoyed to this day.
  • IDW Publishing – IDW Publishing are the name behind the Star Trek comics, one of — if not the — biggest brands in the world of science fiction. They also publish the 30 Days of Night series of comic books.
  • Image Comics – Like Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics are doing well on the independent scene, with series like Spawn and The Walking Dead, one of the biggest hits of the last ten years, under their belt.
  • Marvel Comics – Marvel are the second of the big two comic book publishers. Marvel are owned by Disney and are known for releasing somewhat lighter comics than their rivals DC. Their biggest earners include Iron Man — recently released as a three-part film staring Robert Downey Jnr — Thor, X-Men, Wolverine and Captain America. They also own the Spiderman brand, a comic book hero whose popularity rivals that of Superman and Batman, both owned by DC Comics.

Discussion, News, and Reviews

  • Bleeding Cool -This is a great resource for news about comic books, TV and films, covering all of the latest news from all of the best comic book franchises.
  • Comic Book Movie – Comic Books are big business these days and are one of the biggest sources of hits for film companies and writers everywhere, and on this site you can keep an eye on which of your heroes will be arriving on the big screen next.
  • Comic Book Resources – This site covers a range of news, reviews and more based on comic books.
  • Comic Vine – This website takes a look at all of the latest comic book issues, reviewing each and every one of them.
  • Comics Alliance – Along with reviews and previews of all the latest comic books, this website also covers the older series and issues.
  • The John Byrne Forum – A great place for all fans of the genre to go and discuss the latest projects.
  • Major Spoilers – A slick and informative site with plenty of information about all the latest issues and series.
  • Newsarama – This website has a wide array of top ten lists, covering a range of topics with an emphasis on comic books and their TV and film spinoffs.


  • Alan Davis – One of the most widely respected names in the industry, he is probably best known for his work on the Captain Britain series as an artist, but he has also worked on the hugely popular X-Men series.
  • Alex Ross – Alex Ross is renowned for the detail and the realism that he gives his images, bringing the superheroes that he draws to life.
  • Bernie Wrightson – Bernie concentrates more on the darker side of comic books, with an emphasis on the horror titles.
  • Jack Kirby – Kirby was one of the confounders of the Marvel universe, along with Stan Lee. He had his hand in most of the biggest names that we still love to this day.
  • Jerry Ordway – Jerry is regarded to be one of the best Superman artists of all time, and also worked on several other comic book franchises.
  • John Byrne – John is one of the most celebrated names in the comic book industry. He began his career working on titles such as the Uncanny X-Men, but he made his name during the 1980s when he transformed the Superman series and gave it the look and feel that we are familiar with to this day.
  • Neal Adams – Neal was an artist on the Batman series of comics and also on Green Arrow and Green Lantern, widely regarded as one of the best artists to work on all of these comic books.
    Will Eisner – Creator of the Spirit.

Gambling Sites

  • 500Nations.com: Casinos – This websites lists all of the Native American casinos in the United States, the best places for no-holds barred gambling in the country.
  • About.com: Casino Gambling – This page lists a huge number of gambling articles and laws, allowing you to brush up before you hit the casinos.
  • CardPlayer – This is one of the oldest and best poker magazines in the world, and has taught many a poker superstar the intricacies of the game over the years.
  • Casino Center – Casino Center publish the Strictly Slots magazine.
  • Casino Gambling Web – This is a gambling portal, and is one of the best ones around.
  • Chinese OFC – This WordPress website concentrates on the game of Chinese Open-Face poker, an exciting new game that is taking the poker world by storm and promises to be the next big thing.
  • Fantasy Sports Leader – This is a news and tipping website that also has a ton of information on fantasy leagues for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. Regardless of what sport you’re into, they have it covered and can offer some gambling tips on it.

  • Gambling and the Law – Brush up on the laws of gambling in your country or region.
  • NFL Betting – This websites lists an array of tips for those who want to splash some cash on some football games in the United States
  • Poker News – This site contains all of the latest poker news and is updated on a regular basis.
  • University of Reno Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming – This is an academic site, giving a twist to those who truly want to study gambling in-depth.
  • World Casino Directory – This is a colossal site giving you all of the information you could ever want to know about casinos and where to find them.