Spider-Man Slot Machines

A part of Playtech’s large collection of Marvel-themed games, Spider-Man is a video bonus slot that actually gives players their choice of two different bonus games built around your friendly neighborhood crime fighter. A wide variety of bet sizes makes this the perfect slot for progressive jackpot fans with all different gambling budgets.

Game Symbols

This Playtech title’s wild symbol is our hero himself – if you line up enough of these symbols, you gain access to the four-tiered Marvel progressive bonus system. The game’s 5,000 coin fixed top jackpot is available for lining up enough of the familiar face of Mary Jane. Webs, spider symbols, and other traditional images from the comic series make up the rest of the symbols, with a few standard slot symbols thrown in, specifically the cards 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.

Bet Sizes

Credit sizes on this game range from $0.01 to $5, in increments of a quarter or fifty cents. That means a maximum bet ranges from $0.25 to $125 depending on the credit size you select.

Game Features

This five reel twenty-five pay line Playtech machine is similar to the other Marvel comics-inspired bonus video slots. Every player’s goal should be to trigger a random progressive jackpot; for Playtech’s web-slinging superhero game, you also want to try to play the two bonus games, which can really swell your bankroll.

You have your choice of not one but two different bonus games when you activate the game’s bonus round. You can choose between a free spin round (a non-interactive game where you sit back and watch how many free spins you win) and the other is a more interactive video game style bonus. In this second game, you navigate the mean streets as the web-slinger himself, attempting to defeat the villain Venom and rescue the love of your life, Mary Jane. There’s some skill element involved in this second bonus round – you have to make sure not to run into a dead end, which ends the round and your free credit winnings.

More on the Character’s Background

This Marvel Comics superhero is the company’s most famous, their flagship property and the one that’s earned them the most commercial success. Films based on the famous web-slinger earn millions of dollars at the box office, and Peter Parker’s costumed character is alive and well in the comics as well, as a full-fledged member of both The Avengers and The Fantastic Four. Spider-Man is a busy character indeed, a fan-favorite with superhuman abilities and a mild-mannered alter-ego that just about everyone can identify with, a sort of lovable loser who doesn’t always get the girl.

So important is Spidey’s identity to the Marvel brand, and so popular is the character himself, that it was only a matter of time before some company designed a slot around this Marvel superhero. With access to a multi-tiered progressive jackpot, a fun bonus game built around the Spider-Man theme, and all the trappings of Playtech’s video bonus Marvel slot series, it’s no surprise that this licensed slot is a big hit.

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