Privacy Policy

SuperHeroSlotMachines.Com, like all Websites, runs on a “Web server” that records your visit here and such information as where you connect to the Internet and sometimes how you find this Website. You should be aware of these facts because there is no true anonymity on the Internet. Although SuperHeroSlotMachines.Com does not knowingly or intentionally sell or share this information with other parties, we may make your private information available to appropriate law enforcement agencies in the event of a request during a lawful investigation.

If you see advertising on this Website that advertising may be provided by a third party, a “network” or “advertising service”, that collects information about you through a mechanism called a “cookie”. A “cookie” is a little file that your browser creates which records a unique value that your browser uses to identify you to the Website, or to some application (software) such as an advertising widget that is used by the Website.

Most cookies are benign as they are required to help Web services “remember” who you are from page to page as you browse a Website. These cookies are how your browser “stays logged in” on a Website, so cookies also help your browser remember important information. Most cookies are set to expire within a short period of time, maybe 2 weeks to 30 days. You have the option of clearing or deleting the cookies your browser has accumulated at any time.

If SuperHeroSlotMachines.Com uses a third-party advertising network we will not have direct access to the personal data that these networks collect about you when you view their advertisements in your browser on this Website. If we run our own advertising directly we may or may not use cookies to improve the quality of advertisements you see.