Newest Android Compatible Slots for Real Money

If you own an Android device then you’ll be glad to know that you aren’t as restricted as you think you are when it comes to slot machines and online casinos. There can be an issue with some gambling games and apps on Android, but there are plenty of slot machine games available for this mobile operating system, with more being released all of the time. The best places to find these are at the biggest sports books and casinos, where they try their best to cater for their mobile customers just as much as their desktop customers.

The Cleopatra game is proving to be very popular at all of the biggest online casinos and arcades. This game has a somewhat simple Ancient Egyptian theme, with Bonus Rounds based around the historically beautiful Cleopatra, but despite its popularity it isn’t the best game out there. Genie Jackpots is also a brand new game that quickly made its way onto the Android format. This game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and as well as a “power spin” round there are also 2 Bonus Rounds. This game can be played for as little as $0.20 a spin, and this can go down to as little as $0.01 if you limit yourself to playing just one of the 20 lines, which is never an easy thing to do. Twin Spin is another new game that can be played on your mobile and tablet, but this is a somewhat standard and plain game.

Western Belles is proving to be one of the most popular mobile slots of year. This game has a Wild West saloon theme, with an emphasis on beautiful ladies. These girls each have their old wild reels and one of them will appear in every spin. You need to pay a minimum of $2 a spin for this wild reel to be activated, but the added incentives that it brings are well worth it. In fact, due to the low paying symbols this game isn’t really worth paying without that added wild reel, as it’s needed to link those small pay lines together to create a worthwhile reward.

The Plants vs Zombies franchise, which was incredibly popular on PCs and tablets worldwide, has also made it onto the Android OS in slot machine form. This game is very graphically advanced and features some nice random bonuses and a very rewarding Bonus Round, but overall the payouts are not very big and don’t happen very often, so although it’s worth a few spins for novelty value, it’s not a game that you should invest too much time in. One new mobile game that should get a bit more of your time and attention is the Rumble in the Jungle game. This can be very generous and has several Bonus Rounds, including the Pick a Parrot round where you choose from three parrots to win a bonus multiplier. The Bonus Rounds don’t win you huge amounts, but they come around frequently. The theme, as you would expect, is a jungle theme and there is also a Progressive Jackpot to make things even more interesting.

If you’re looking to play some of your old favorites on your Android device, then you’ll be happy to know that the Rainbow Riches game, which is one of the most popular and widespread games in recent years, is now available on Android and other mobile operating systems. This cute little game has three Bonus Rounds, one of which is a simple “select and win” game that is played on the reels, another is a fun little game where the object is to go as far down a twisting path as you can, collecting more money the further you go, and the most rewarding is a wheel-spin game where you can win thousands of dollars from a single spin.

An equally fun and popular game that has just found its way onto Android devices is the Gold Strike game. This game comes with stacked symbols, which means that as soon as you get a winning line, the winning symbols are held in place and the rest of the reels spin, giving you to chance to stack your win. There is also a Bonus Round that pays an average of around 6 to 10 times your stake and gives you 1 in 6 chance at a second Bonus Round where your winning potential drastically increases as you search for buried treasure on a Wild West treasure map.

Whatever theme or style you want, there is plenty to choose from. Online casinos and sports books are wise to the fact that people are using their phones and their tablets more and more, and they are releasing plenty of games and applications that cater for this type of customers, so keep your eyes peeled as there are more big games heading for your Android device.