Ubuntu Compatible Slot Machine Games

There are hundreds of slot machine games available for Windows, maybe even thousands. The software market has also catered for the Windows operating system more than any other, but other operating systems are catching up. These days you can play just as many slot machine games on a Mac machine as you can on a Windows one, and there’re also plenty available for mobile operating systems such as Symbian, Android and iOS.

Those on other operating systems, such as the Linux-based Ubuntu, may suffer, but don’t despair just yet as there are still choices out there. There are scores of free casino games that can be downloaded onto Ubuntu and played for fun, such as the Poker TH title, which has multiplayer capability, and the Gnome Games package, which includes some casino favorites such as Blackjack. There are fewer choices when it comes to slot machine games for real money, but there might be something that you can do to get around this.

The biggest sports books incorporate all of their casino and slot machine games into their browsers these days, possibly due to the fact that the days when everyone used one of two operating systems are long gone and they understand that they have an array of different systems to cater for. So, if you live in countries where gambling is widely available, and you can get access to the big sites such as Betfair, Skybet, Bet365, WilliamHill and Paddy Power, then there won’t be an issue and there are hundreds of games that you can play, from slot machine classics to roulette, poker and blackjack.

If you reside in the US then there might be an issue as many of the advanced online casinos, and the ones that don’t offer sports books on the side, are downloadable programs. Your only option here might to to run a second OS on your computer, installing Windows on a partition and accessing that every time you want to play slot machines for real money. It is not difficult to find older versions of the Windows OS cheap, and these will be all that you need to play these games. You can also do the same with the Mac OS, but may face similar hurdles as you did with Ubuntu.