The Ghost Rider Slot Machine Game

Ghost Rider is one of the newer comic book heroes, having first been created in the early 1970s. This skeletal motorcyclist has been made into a film staring Nicholas Cage in the eponymous role, but the Ghost Rider slot machine in question is styled on the comic book series and not the film. Ghost Rider is the anti-hero, the antithesis of the Supermans and Batmans of the world. He gives comic book fans something different, something darker.

Made by Wagerlogic, who own the rights to a large number of Marvel games (which is the brand that owns the Ghost Rider franchise) this game is similar to the other slot machine games developed by this software company, albeit with a Ghost Rider theme. There are 5 reels, 25 pay lines and a selection of scatter symbols, bonus symbols and wild symbols.

Graphics and Sound

The basic layout shows flames surrounding the game, with a Marvel logo, a comic strip theme and of course the Ghost Rider logo at the top. The Progressive Jackpot is also shown throughout on the top left of the screen, displaying the three tiered amounts that can be won with every spin. The symbols include the Ghost Rider symbol, a book emblazoned with a pentagram, a bike, a glove and a variety of other symbols from the Ghost Rider comic book.

The sounds are pretty basic but they come to life when the user wins a round and when they enter the bonus round. For instance, when the wild symbols are activated, the flaming head of the Ghost Rider himself pops out.

The Bonus Game

The bonus game is activated when three of the scatter symbols are displayed anywhere on the screen. The Bonus Game is very entertaining and comes with a generous reward for those lucky enough to complete it successfully. The bonus game consist of three round or stages, with the player required to rescue innocent victims during each round.

In this bonus round players are greeted with an image of the Ghost Rider, complete in his flaming leathers, as he drives across the screen, surrounded by burnt-out cars in a somewhat desolate environment. The Ghost Rider stops every now and then, at which point the player is faced with three vehicles. They must choose one of the vehicles and if they close the right one, they save a hostage and earn a substantial reward. Along with the reward paid out for each saved hostage, players are given a large bonus if they manage to save all three.


The Ghost Rider game seems like a very generous game, particularly if you make it to the bonus round where a lot of money is paid out. The Progressive Jackpot is also very rewarding, and is split into three tiers known as the Hero Jackpot, the Super Hero Jackpot and the Marvel Hero Jackpot, with an increasing amount paid out for each, often averaging around $50 for the smallest jackpot and $5k for the biggest one.


Overall, the Ghost Rider slot machine is a very enjoyable and rewarding game. The graphics are one of the plus points here, with a dark aura that pays homage to the Ghost Rider comics. The bonus game is also great, although somewhat repetitive and needless, as it seems the same result could be achieved without such a complex setup — it is after all just a case of clicking one of three boxes. The game also accommodates most stake levels, so that everyone can enjoy it regardless of how much money they have to gamble.

We give the Ghost Rider superhero slot machine game a score of 4 our of 5 — lacking only slightly but overall very playable.