The Amazing Spiderman Slot Machine Game

Spiderman is one of the most iconic superheroes and has seen almost as many films, television programs and computer games as Superman has. Spiderman is so popular in fact that even after the recent Spiderman trilogy ended, a new Spiderman film franchise began in the form of The Amazing Spiderman, which is also what this game is called.

The Amazing Spiderman slot machine game has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. It was developed by Wagerlogic who own the rights to a large number of Marvel superheroes, including Captain American, Ghost Rider and many more. The fact that Wagerlogic have so many Marvel games under their wing allows them to create a single progressive jackpot that covers all of these games. These three tired jackpots the Hero Jackpot, the Super Hero Jackpot and the Marvel Hero Jackpot, with increasing amounts of money paid out for each, ranging from around $50 for the smallest jackpot, to around $5k for the biggest one.

Graphics and Sound

The Amazing Spiderman slot machine is one of the more basic lines of Marvel games in the Wagerlogic brand, especially when it comes to graphics. A lot of standard slot machines graphics are used, including numbers and letters, but there are also some pictures that relating to the Spiderman universe, including Spiderman himself, a camera, a newspaper and some of the villains that Spiderman encountered during his several decades as a superhero. The images tend to pay a lot more than the standard icons and some of them also offer unique sounds when the user gets them on a pay line.


Along with the progressive jackpots, which are paid out randomly and can provide a very nice windfall during play, the symbols are also very rewarding, with large amounts paid out for the rarer symbols such as the Spiderman villain Venom, the newspaper and the camera. 

The bonus game is where the real money and entertainment is though, and this is also an area in which the The Amazing Spiderman game excels. The game is activated when the player collects three or more bonus symbols across any number of lines, and once activated the player can choose between two bonus games. One of these games, using Spiderman as the logo, is a free spins game, which sends you back to the standard reel with a collection of free spins to use.

The second game is easily the better choice. Here Venom is featured as the logo and also within the game, as players try their best to find him, defeat him and save the day in typical superhero fashion. This game is very advanced graphically, particularly for a slot machine game. Players follow Spiderman as he swings through he city in pursuit of his nemesis. They are given options as he lands, and they must pick between two directions for the eponymous hero to go. Along the way they may encounter other crimes,  after which they are shown a brief video of Spiderman defeating the criminals before the player is given a bonus.

The ultimate goal though is to find Venom and save the girl, and if the players can do this then they are rewarded with a significant bonus.


Although initially unimpressive, the graphics certainly improve during the bonus game, which also happens to be one of the best bonus games of any superhero slot machine. This is further compounded by the fact that before the game begins, players are given the option to choose between the aforementioned game, or a number of free spins, an option rarely given in games of this nature.

The game is fast and smooth, and although initially not very unique, this does change once the bonus is activated. 

Overall, we give the The Amazing Spiderman slot machine game a score of 4.5 out of 5. If it could improve on its standard symbols and play, then it would have enough to become the perfect slot machine game in our opinion.