The Iron Man Slot Machine Game

The Iron Man slot machine game was developed by PlayTech, the same name behind many other Marvel superhero slots, including Spiderman, Captain America and Ghost Rider. Iron Man is one of the biggest Marvel franchises at the moment, thanks in no small part to the Iron Man trilogy that starred Robert Downey Jnr and Gwyneth Paltrow and was a huge success at the Box Office. It follows a mega rich man by the name of Tony Stark, who develops a high-tech suit that he wears to fight crime. Tony Stark’s character bears many resemblances to Bruce Wayne in the Batman series, which was also a recent Hollywood success, but Iron Man tends to be a lot lighter and more humorous than the Dark Knight.

The character of Iron Man first appeared in the Tales of Suspense comic, during a 1963 issue. He was created by Marvel supremo Stan Lee, and was developed by Larry Lieber. Iron Man is one of the founding members of the Avengers, a team of superheroes that has its own comic and its own superhero slot machine game.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are very simple, much the same as they are for all the games in this franchise, albeit with the theme and the symbols altered. The symbols include yachts, money, whiskey and Iron Man himself, and all of them have been taken from the comic book as opposed to the film. The backdrop is a cityscape and the Iron Man logo is displayed prominently at the top of the game, with the Progressive Jackpot in the top left corner.

The sounds are basic and come to life when the player wins or enters the bonus round. They are rather clunky and awkward, and it’s fair to say that little thought has been put into them. These can be turned off if they become too annoying, which is sure to happen with any game during extended play but will definitely happen during the early stages of playing this game.

Bet Sizes and Wins

The bet sizes are varied. There are five reels in total and 25 pay lines, and players can choose to bet on each of these lines. There are micro stakes and high stakes available and most levels should find themselves catered for here. There is also an auto play option to help speed things along, players can set an amount of spins that they want or they can just let it go and then stop it whenever they have had enough. The auto spins will also stop once the bonus round is activated.

The image of Iron Man takes the roll of the wild symbol here and if the player gets a line of 5 of these symbols then they will win 6000 time their bet, which can turn a bet of just $1 into $6.000 and is enough to even top the highest Progressive Jackpot that this game offers. Tony Stark is also a very rewarding symbol, and 5 of him pays 2000 times the bet, whilst large amounts are also paid out for Iron Man’s enemies. The smallest amount paid out for any symbol belongs to both the money and the whiskey symbol, which only pay out 100 times the player’s bet if they get 5 of them in a row.

Bonus Round and Jackpot

When three or more of the Iron Man logo symbols appear anywhere on the screen then the bonus game is activated. In this game players play as Iron Man himself and are faced with the outside of a skyscraper. The get 5 shots and must shoot at the glass of the skyscraper, trying to reveal some blueprints and collect a significant bonus. Other finds also pay out a bonus, but it is the blueprints that pay the most.

This game doesn’t have the quality feel that many other of the PlayTech — and other superhero slot machine brands — games have, and it often feels a little tacky, something compounded by the annoying audio. Still, it’s not a completely unbearable experience.

The jackpot is the same in all of the PlayTech Marvel games. It is a three tiered Jackpot, with different amounts paid out randomly depending on how much you stake. The lowest jackpot is often between $50 and $100, whilst the highest one can be between $5.000 and $6.000, and is sometimes even higher than that. This jackpot is purely random, which means that no symbols are required and, theoretically, you can win it with every spin that you make.


Overall, the Iron Man game leaves a lot to be desired. The sounds are clunky, the graphics are on the poor side and the bonus game is not very exciting either. It does follow a similar theme to the other Marvel games in this license, and the Progressive Jackpot is always a plus, but this is probably the worst game in that particular franchise that we have played to date.

We give Iron Man a score of 2.5 out of 5; there is a lot of room for improvement here.