The Super Team Slot Machine Game

The Super Team game promises to be part of the next generation of slot machine gaming, offering something a little different for those who enjoy playing superhero slot machines. The game was developed by WMS Gaming and follows no particular brand, thus requiring no license. It allows the user to create their own superhero and offers a number of bonus rounds and unique options that make it feel more like a video game than a slot machine.

WMS Gaming are the name behind many of the monopoly slot machines, and this is one of their first attempts at developing a superhero game, but as you will see from this review it’s an genre in which they clearly excel.


The game begins with the player choosing and designing their own superhero. They choose from two template models, one male and one female, and are then taken through a series of levels where they add items to their chosen template. They can change the color of their hero’s gloves, boots, pants, cape and shirt, and they can also give him/her a mask and a stylish haircut. The player then chooses which super team they want to join, bearing in mind that this has an effect on the bonuses that they activate throughout the game, but can also be changed.

All of your previous games are saved, so just like in a computer game you can return time and time again to continue building your superhero and your super team. The more you play the more bonus rounds and customization options you unlock, so it is worth going back to the same game.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are very cartoony and cute, and the sounds match. The symbols used are pretty simple, but it is the animations that give this game its edge, and these come to life on winning lines, wilds and when the bonus rounds are activated. The symbols include superhero costume items such as gloves, boots, masks and capes, and superhero vehicles such as trains and cars.

The sounds are also very fun and overall it is very much similar to The Incredibles theme, albeit with many more characters.

Bonus Rounds and Winnings

There are many bonus rounds, most of which appear randomly throughout the game and depend on which super team you join. Games include Madame More, Big Punch, Dr Rewind, Bubble Girl, Invisaboy and Soooooo Strong. Players can switch teams during the game if they wish. This means that every time you play you can change the bonuses that are randomly given to you. The main bonuses appear when the user gets three of the bonus symbols on any of the reels. They are then greeted with three bonus round options:

The Fortress Bonus is reminiscent of the popular Flappy Bird game. Players are greeted with their superhero as he/she flies across the screen in a tunnel, and it is their job to press a button to maintain his/her flight and keep him/her steady as he/she flies through various checkpoints. These checkpoints have different bonuses attached to them, and if the player hits them then they receive a significant bonus and other items, such as speed boosts. Once the time limit if up, then they return to the game.

Robot Fight Free Spins bonus is Free Spin round with a difference. For every winning spin that they get they attack a robot, but the robot also gets the chance to attack them and if he takes away all of their health then the free spins will end. Players are awarded with a bonus amount if they manage to defeat the robot.

The Slotropolois Free Spin bonus also adds a fun little twist to a Free Spin round. A symbol of a thief is added to the reels and for every time that he shows up and is “caught” extra free spins are added to the total amount.

On top of all of this, there is also a Progressive Jackpot, which awards a significant sum of money to the player in random intervals.


Overall there is not much wrong with this game, in fact it would be incredibly difficult to find any faults. You could argue that because not all of the bonus rounds are available straight away, this is a disadvantage for those who just want to play once and for a few minutes, against those who play a lot, but there are still plenty of bonus rounds available even for those who are just starting, more than any other game of its type in fact.

The graphics are great, the sounds are great and WMS Gaming really have taken a giant leap in the world of slot machine gaming. This is unique and fantastic in every way and we urge everyone out there to rush out and play this game. So far this is the only game to which we give full marks of 5 out of 5, and if we could give it more, we would.