The Hellboy Slot Machine Game

The Hellboy slot machine game was played at the William Hill online casino, a UK casino that has an abundance of slot machines, casino games and a popular sports book.

Hellboy is a hugely popular series and one that is not owned by either DC or Marvel, the two biggest names in the world of comic book publishing. Hellboy was created by Dark Horse Comics and follows a half-man, half-demon who works for an agency known as the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, a government agency that fights the paranormal with the paranormal.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics are very cartoony and very simple, but the effect is nice and works beautifully. The symbols include Hellboy and some of his friends, and there are also a number of standard letters that you would expect to find on most slot machine games.

There is some background music that can become annoying, but this can be turned off. The symbols also make a noise when they line up, and sounds are also produced when the game enters into a bonus round, these are less annoying but can also be turned off.

Bet Sizes

There are five reels and twenty lines in total, and it costs $0.20 to play all of these at the minimum level, but the coin size can be changed and this can go as high as you want it to go. There need to be at least three scatter symbols (a fist) for the bonus game to activate, but even if the player only gets two then they will still receive 2x their bet as compensation.


The bonus game is known as The Underworld Bonus and in this game the player has to find the Hidden Relic of Power, which is guarded by a number of beasts. The player must traverse this underworld, fighting beasts and saving humans as they go, with bonus payments given out for each good act that they perform. If all four levels of the chamber are completed then the player receives the relic and a significant bonus. There is also a “super mode” which is triggered randomly and gives the player ten free spins.


The game is let down by the lack of an “Auto spin” option, and somewhat irritating sounds, but overall it is a very fun game with a unique and interesting bonus round. All bet sizes are also catered for and the random bonus is a plus in any slot machine game.

We give the Hellboy slot machine a score of 4 out of 5.